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Sunshine Toyota has worked hard to build a loyal customer base over the past few years and have a solid reputation for both their ethics and ethos, as well as for their vehicles. .  More…


Toyota Cost Efficiency: With such a wide range of vehicles, ranging from hybrids, to trucks, to SUVs, you know that you are going to get value for your money, both in the short term and the long term.



Toyota Hybrid options such as the Prius are fuel efficient, whereas SUV options will cost you less when it comes to transporting your family.. More…

Toyota Buyer’s Satisfaction Is Our Main Priority

In a fast and furious generation, the car market is just as highly competitive as any other sector, and as a result it takes a lot to make an impression on consumers everywhere. Toyota is undoubtedly one of the leading car manufacturers who consistently top sales demographics across the board, with value for money, safety rankings and awards aplenty keeping them in the top spot for many drivers.  Let’s take a closer look at why Toyota is tops!

Design and Detail


Toyota really distinguishes itself from its competitors in terms of design and detail. You’ll find that the exterior styling of a Toyota is not only sleek and unique, but it’s synonymous throughout their range, from their sports cars to their utility vehicles.  Having said that, it’s the interior of a Toyota car that really impresses the market; as they have focused especially on clever space increasing designs and on maximizing comfort throughout their vehicles, all without skimping on the technology features and add ons such as windscreen replacement back up insurance.

This reputation has been built solely on quality and reliability and because of this, the resale value of new Toyota cars tends to be high.


Featured Toyotas

Toyota Hilux undoubtedly features the biggest range of features known to man, so you really can find a car that will suit your needs, no matter what they are.  Whether you need a people carrier, an environmentally friendly, tough or family car, there is versatility and functionality to be found for every requirement.

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Toyota: The Brand

Toyota really has earned its reputation as one of the leading car manufacturers as their eye for quality, safety and performance is second to none. The entire range of vehicles has been developed with each demographic of user in mind so that the driving experience is tailored to suit both the car and the driver alike.

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Toyota Safety Features

When you buy a Toyota Prado you are not only buying a quality car, you are also buying into Toyota’s famed attention to detail. What this means is that you will enjoy some of the most extensive safety features available to you.  Most models feature an Antilock Brake System, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Traction Control, Brake Assist, Electronic Vehicle Stability Control and, of course, strategically placed Airbags.

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Toyota is also renowned for their ability to tune into the best possible performance for each specific model and as a result, many users report a sense of purpose and fun when they drive.

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